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Year 2: assessment and storage

Following the initial assessment of the Archive's content, condition, and storage, work got underway to transfer all items into archivally-sound files and boxes as each subfonds was catalogued.

Paper items were transferred into archival-quality wallet folders and files. Metal fasteners, such as staples and paper clips, and (where possible) pressure tape were removed from all items. Each file was labelled with the appropriate LAVC reference code.

Files within each catalogued subfonds were rehoused in archival-quality boxes. The boxes were then labelled with the appropriate LAVC reference code range. Loose photographs within such files were placed into polyester sleeves.

New leader tape was affixed to the majority of the audiotapes, and bad splices repaired. Where a single track only had been used, the tape has been stored 'tail out'. Such storage means that, should the original have to be replayed, the tape must be rewound before playback is possible. This process realigns and re-tensions the tape pack, and can help minimise the potential effect of 'print-through'. A number of audiotapes, originally stored loose in plastic bags, were boxed.