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#1 Letter addressed from 'Haworth'.
#2 Letter addressed from 'Haworth'.
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Letter 6: Letter from Branwell Brontë to Joseph Bentley Leyland, 4 August 1845 (BC MS 19c Brontë/02/01/06)

Later annotations in pencil in unknown hand in the top right corner. ‘27’

August 4th

Dear Sir,

John Brown wishes to know whether,
or not, you can make your intended visit to Haworth
this week.

Of course he awaits, and will be ready for your
own convenience, in naming your week or your day.

I need hardly add that I shall myself be most
delighted to see you, as God knows I have a tolerably
heavy load on my mind just now, and would look to
an hour spent with one like yourself as a means of
at least, temporarily, lightening it.

I returned yesterday from a week's journey to
Liverpool and North Wales, but I found during my
absence that wherever I went a certain woman robed
in black, and calling herself "MISERY" walked by my
side, and leant on my arm as affectionately as if she
were my legal wife.

Like some other husbands, I could have spared her

Yours most sincerely,
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