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#1 Letter illustrated with various pen and ink sketches.
#2 Letter illustrated with various pen and ink sketches.
#3 Letter illustrated with various pen and ink sketches.
#4 Letter illustrated with various pen and ink sketches.
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Letter 14: Letter from Branwell Brontë to Joseph Bentley Leyland, October 1846 (BC MS 19c Brontë/02/01/14)

185 Later annotatio …

Note: 185

Later annotations in pencil in unknown hand at the top of the page on the right side. ‘1066’

Later annotations in pencil in unknown hand in the top right corner. ‘59’

Figure 1. Paradise and Purgatory

My Dear Sir,

Mr John Brown wishes me to tell
you that if, by return of post, you can tell him the nature
of his intended work, and the time it will probably [...]
occupy in execution either himself or his brother, or both
will wait on you early next week.

He has only delayed answering your communication
from his unavoidable absence in a {pilgramage} from "Rochdale
on the Rhine" to "the land of Ham[?] " and from thence
to Gehenna, Tophet, Golgotha, Erebus, the Styx and to
the place he now occupies called {Tartarus} where he along
with Sisyphus, Tantalus, Theseus, and Ixion[?] lodge and board

However I hope that when he meets you he will join the
company of Moses, Elias and the twelve prophets 'singing psalms
sitting on a wet cloud' as an acquaintance of mine described
the occupation of the {blest.}

"Morley Hall" is in the eighth month of her preg
nancy and expects ere long to be delivered of a fineNote: 186

thumping boy whom its father means to christen Homer at
the least, though the mother suggests that 'Poetaster[?] ' would
be more suitable; but that sounds too aristocratic.

Is the medallion cracked, that Thorwaldsen executed of


I wish I could see you; and, as Haworths fair is held
on Monday after the ensuing one, your presence then would
gratify one of the...

Figure 3. FALLEN.

In my own register of transactions during my nights and
days I find no matters worthy of extraction for your perusal:
All is yet with me clouds and darkness, I hope you
have, at least, blue sky and sunshine.

Constant and unavoidable depression of mind andNote: 187[?]

body sadly shackle me in even trying to go on with
any mental effort which might rescue me from the
fate of a dry toast soaked six hours in a glass of
cold water, and intended to be given to an old maid's
squeamish cat.

Figure 4. Squeamish Cat

Is there really such a thing as the "Risus Sardonicus'
- the Sardonic laugh.? Did a man ever
laugh the morning he was ⟨to be⟩ hanged?

Figure 5. Man at the Gallows
''Note: This page is blank ''