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#1 Letter to John Brown
#2 Letter to John Brown
#3 Letter to John Brown
#4 Letter to John Brown
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Letter 5: Letter from Branwell Brontë to Joseph Bentley Leyland, 22 July 1843 (BC MS 19c Brontë/02/01/05)

J.B Leyland Esqre Sculptor Halifax
Haworth Rectory Saturday morning

Note: 199 Note: 200

Later annotations in pencil in unknown hand in the top right corner. ‘84’

My Dear Sir,

Mr Nicholson N----n has sent to my Father a demand
for the settlement of my bill ⟨owed to him ⟩ immediately, under penalty of a Court

I have written to inform him that I shall soon be able
to pay him the balance left in full. For that I will write to Dr
Crosby and request an advance through his hands which I am sure
to obtain, when I will remit my amount owed, at once, to the Old

I have also given John Brown this morning Ten shillings which
John will certainly place in Mr N's hands on Wednesday next.

If he refuses my offer and presses me with law I am RUINED.
I have had five months of such utter sleeplessness violent cough
and frightful agony of mind that jail would destroy me for ever.

I earnestly beg you to see Nicholson and tell him that any
receipt of money in asking,through Dr Crosby, is morally certain.

If you conveniently can see Mrs Sugden of the Talbot, and
tell her that on receipt of the money I expect so shortly I will
transmit her the whole or part of the account I owe her.

Excuse this scrawl - long have I resolved to write to you
a letter of five or six pages, but intolerable mental wretchedness
and corporeal weakness have utterly prevented me.

I shall bother you again if this painful business[?] only gets settled.

At present believe me
Dear Sir, yours,
Sincerely but nearly worn out,
P.B. Brontë. ''Note: This page is blank ''