Charlotte Brontë & Elizabeth Gaskell

More substantially, Charlotte's account of meeting Elizabeth Gaskell is matched, in a manuscript memento of Charlotte's friendship with her future biographer, with more of Gaskell's consequential discussion of Haworth and the Revd Brontë. Charlotte remarks on 1 July 1851 that the author of Mary Barton was a 'woman of many fine qualities and deserves the epithet which I find is generally applied to her charming'. Gaskell on the other hand is revealed determined to judge Patrick harshly:

He was very polite & agreeable to me; paying rather elaborate old-fashioned compliments, but I was sadly afraid of him in my inmost soul; for I caught a glare of his stern eyes over his spectacles at Miss Brontë once or twice which made me know my man.

BC MS 19c Brontë/C3/a

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BC MS 19c Brontë/C3/b

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