Brotherton Collection MS 18, fol. 7r

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Medieval illuminated manuscripts digital resource

Use this resource to explore digitised images of manuscript illumination from the University of Leeds Special Collections. Find out more about the history of the manuscripts, and how they came to Leeds University Library.

Medieval illuminated manuscripts provide unique opportunities for scholarship. We have showcased significant examples of illumination in 27 medieval manuscripts selected from three areas of our collections. The illuminations include miniatures, historiated initials and decorated borders.

We have digitised each page as part of an ongoing project to produce full digital surrogates of each of our medieval manuscripts to sit alongside catalogue records. Over 5000 images have been created so far with relevant descriptive detail added to the catalogue.

Each of the digitised manuscripts can be viewed, detail can be magnified and the descriptions of illuminated pages can be browsed.

The significant provenances of individual manuscripts are described by Dr Katja Monier, former Manuscripts Librarian in Special Collections. She explores the distribution of the manuscripts across three collections and provides new insight into the provenances, detailing the geographic origins, ownerships and creators of the illustrations.

You can also search illuminated page descriptions in our medieval manuscripts collection guide.