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Another Brick in the Wall

Discover the progressive architecture of the University of Leeds and beyond.

In the post-war period, Universities across the UK radically developed their campuses. In this exhibition, you can explore the era’s striking Brutalist architecture through contemporary photographs and archival material.  

One focus of the display is the University of Leeds, with iconic buildings like the Roger Stevens. The ‘New Universities’ at East Anglia and Sussex are also explored.  

Photographer Simon Phipps shines a contemporary light on the innovative designs of this period. He has produced new work of a variety of campuses, including the University of Leeds, exclusively for the exhibition. 

Alongside these contemporary photographs, the exhibition displays archival material from the Universities of Leeds, Sussex and East Anglia. Rarely seen material from the Arup archive is also exhibited.  

So, delve into the architectural and social histories of UK University campuses, and join the debate around currents issues that will affect the future of university architecture and learning spaces.  


‘Another Brick in the Wall’ is guest curated by Simon Phipps and Darren Umney. Simon is a renowned architectural photographer whose published works include ‘Brutal North’, ‘Brutal London’, ‘Finding Brutalism’ and ‘Concrete Poetry’. Darren is an independent writer and researcher whose work explores the social and political contexts of architecture and design. 

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Arup Phase 2. Arup is a collective of 16,000 designers, advisors and experts working across 140 countries who have a focus on developing truly sustainable built environments. Phase 2 is Arup’s cultural programme of exhibitions and events that explores the intersection between art, design and engineering. 


Image: Photograph of the Roger Stevens Building on the University of Leeds campus by Simon Phipps.