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A finely ornamented design in the form of an arch, painted and detailed in maroon, blue and gold

Uncover unexpected stories among the pages of precious books and manuscripts spanning a millennium, newly acquired through the UK Acceptance in Lieu scheme.

A Victorian furniture catalogue with colourful sofas laid out in a grid design

Rare and beautiful books chart the evolution of furniture design over the centuries and the journey from drawing board, to workshop, to home.

Hands placing a vinyl on a turntable; traditional South Asian clothing hung up inside an ornately decorated structure; a green interwoven ceramic sculpture on a wooden plinth; a digital drawing of a cartoon black person in a pink dress beside a building

Discover the freshest talent from Leeds’ art scene!

A black and grey graphite artwork of an abstract undulating zig zag lined pattern.

Discover the profound art of Mary Griffiths, whose work is often the result of collaborations across literature, science and music.