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Relics Recycling and Sculpture Workshop

Take inspiration from our current exhibition “Still Life: Things Devouring Time” and make your own Relic sculpture in this creative workshop.

Explore your world through objects to create a Relic with found objects and materials, with artist Dawn Woolley.

The objects in Woolley’s Relics series resemble religious and spiritual talismans that are created from waste food packaging, carrier bags and beauty products. Do the products that we use and treasure today hold as much value as the religious pieces did through history? And do they award the buyer the attributes they claim to have?

Explore issues of consumer culture and environmental pollution to create a fetish that warns against waste, or a totem figure that celebrates the things that are valued by in our society.

Woolley will photograph each of the objects made in the workshop and every maker will get a copy.

Spaces are limited so please book in advance with a £5 refundable deposit. Your refund will be given upon arrival after registering for the workshop.