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The Cobbe Collection of Historic Keyboard Instruments

See and hear the pianos owned and played by the likes of Haydn and Chopin. These remarkable instruments can be experienced as part of The Leeds International Piano Competition 2018.

The unique pianos are part of the Cobbe Collection of keyboard instruments chosen and owned by composers themselves. The collection is the world’s largest array of composer instruments and is kept in Hatchlands, Surrey. A team of specialist tuners keeps the instruments in playing order, allowing us to hear the actual sounds that inspired musicians for centuries.

Alec Cobbe has carefully selected a group of instruments to bring to Leeds for us to enjoy at The Leeds International Piano Competition. Alec or broadcaster David Owen-Norris will be the expert musical guide on the hour-long tour.

Suitable for all ages. Booking essential.

The one-hour guided visits will take place each day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at:

  • 10.30am
  • 11.45am
  • 2.00pm
  • 3.15pm (but not on Friday)
  • 4.30pm.
A piano used and played by Chopin (c) The Cobbe Collection
A piano used and played by Chopin (c) The Cobbe Collection