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Exhibition Preview. Still Life: Things Devouring Time

Celebrating Still Life: Things Devouring Time.

This launch event is now fully booked. Still Life: Things Devouring Time is open 21 November 2018 – 23 March 2019. Plan your visit.

This exhibition explores consumer culture and social, environmental and sustainability issues relevant today. It brings together contemporary still life artwork and historic Dutch still life paintings to look at things made from non-biodegradable materials and considers people’s inclination to collect possessions. It explores how these behaviours contradict the concept of "tempus edax rerum" – time as devourer of all things.

The exhibition is co-curated by Dr Dawn Woolley (Leeds Arts University), and is generously supported by Leeds Arts University.

Image: Nicole Keeley, Tide Mark series. 2017. Photographic print