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Still Life: Things Devouring Time Symposium

Join artists, researchers and curators for a symposium accompanying the exhibition Still Life: Things Devouring Time.

The artworks in Still Life: Things Devouring Time draw attention to urgent contemporary concerns relating to consumption and sustainability. By raising awareness and provoking thought they seek to critically intervene in these issues.

Join arts and sustainability scholars for a symposium exploring themes from the exhibition, particularly consumer culture and sustainability. Papers will be presented by speakers including the exhibition’s co-curator, Dr Dawn Woolley (artist and Research Fellow, Leeds Arts University), filmmaker Sharon Hooper (Leeds Arts University) and lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems, Dr Costas Velis (School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds).

At the end of the afternoon the speakers will be joined in a roundtable discussion by the Gallery’s curator Dr Katie JT Herrington and artist Caroline McCarthy, whose work features in the exhibition. The participants will tease out the key ideas and issues raised by the exhibition.