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A new play about the sensational discovery in the 1790s of unknown documents written by Shakespeare and how they led to the ruin of a family.

London, 1794.

Noted collector of old books Samuel Ireland is delighted when his son, William, brings him documents written by Shakespeare, including the text of a hitherto unknown play obtained from an anonymous source.

But when the play is staged at Drury Lane, scholars question the authenticity of the documents and denounce Samuel as a forger. The household is thrown into turmoil and family skeletons come tumbling out of cupboards as they find themselves caught up in a tragicomedy worthy of Shakespeare himself.

Leeds, 2019.

Samuel, William and their housekeeper Mrs Freeman meet again to try and sort out the truth of it all...

The rehearsed reading of the play will last for one hour. Afterwards there will be an option to stay and talk to playwright Stuart Fortey about the story. The event is free to book with a "pay as you feel" option at the end.