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Book — Space

Explore visual responses to the book, text and reading from the late nineteenth century onwards.

Discover how writers, designers and artists have approached the book. Find out not just how books can be presented but also how they are received by the reader.

On display will be original artistic contributions from Chaosmos Studio, Joe Gilmore and Clinton Cahill. They have all used the writing of modernist author James Joyce as a starting point. Their shared interest in Joyce’s work stems from his use of experimental language and also his interest in the book form. The responses on display begin with ideas from Joyce’s writing but also use them to reflect on book design, typography, photography and drawing.

Image: Chaosmos Studio, “Surface Material” (2019), digital print on newsprint, 50cm x 26cm, unframed.

Book — Space | Galleries | University of Leeds
Book — Space | Galleries | University of Leeds