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The Life and Collections of WT Freemantle

This workshop and discussion explores the letters of Yorkshire antiquarian, author and musician William Thomas Freemantle and his remarkable curiosity for music and local history.

As a passionate musician, Freemantle owned the largest private collection of material relating to Felix Mendelssohn, in addition to collections of books, papers, numismatics and local pottery. Freemantle was passionate about Sheffield, collecting local items widely, and publishing a comprehensive Bibliography of Sheffield in 1911. The collection of William Thomas Freemantle (1849–1931) came into the possession of Lord Brotherton in 1928 and is now held in the University of Leeds Special Collections.

Working with Professor Bryan White, second year students Sarah, Emma and Hannah are using this material to learn more about this inquisitive and curious local character. The students will talk about their research and work with the Freemantle Collection, which will be particularly fascinating to those interested in Yorkshire history.

The first half of this event will be a talk, followed by a workshop activity in the second half.