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University of Leeds Through The Ages

Scroll through the decades and learn the history of the University of Leeds, from the different architectural styles to the role of Leeds University newspaper during the First and Second World Wars.

Discover the rich history of the University of Leeds in five new online exhibitions on our Google Arts & Culture page, each one highlighting a different story from the University’s past. The exhibitions draw on material from the University of Leeds Archive, including photographs, architectural drawings, newspaper articles and artwork by Maurice de Sausmarez. 

‘Gryphons for the Trenches’ champions the significant role of the University of Leeds student newspaper during the First World War. 

‘When The War Is Over’ focuses on the important role of the  University of Leeds newspaper during the Second World War, from reporting on the role of women to publishing war poetry. 

From College to Campus’ highlights the range of architectural styles that pay testament to the continual growth of the University campus. 

In ‘The Sphinx and The Gryphon’ uncover the mythological creatures that have shaped the identity of the University of Leeds Crest and its student newspaper. 

Lastly, in ‘The University Has Come At Last’ see how the University of Leeds grew from humble beginnings and what led to the creation of the student newspaper. 


Image: Illustration of the Parkinson Building by Maurice de Sausmarez, in A. N Shimmin's ‘The University of Leeds: The First Half-Century’.