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Get Creative: Gestural Paper Art

Taking inspiration from the works in our exhibition The Expressive Mark, join artist Vincent James for this playful workshop exploring mark-making, collage and paper sculptures.

Using basic materials, learn simple art techniques to create mark-making, collage and sculptural works inspired by our latest exhibition, The Expressive Mark.  

Led by artist Vincent James, you will experiment with expressive mark-making, pattern, texture and frottage techniques.  By cutting, tearing and layering these elements you will create a series of abstract compositions.  Together we will transform these shapes into three-dimensional forms and bring them together to make different sculptural assemblages. 

Currently on display at The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, The Expressive Mark celebrates the work of British artists in the second half of the 20th century. 

Discover a crucial moment in the history of British art, a period where the influence of Abstract Expressionism in America was filtering across the Atlantic. 

The inspired British artists produced works on a new scale that embraced the possibilities of abstraction. They also developed new signature mark-making techniques.

Get Creative: Gestural Paper Art | Galleries | University of Leeds
Get Creative: Gestural Paper Art | Galleries | University of Leeds