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Total number of records: 477263

Count of Record type

Record typeCount
Books and printed items241287
Art items47

Top 10: Collection group

Collection groupCount
Brotherton Collection97775
Quaker Collection50017
Letters Database33114
English Literature32766
Liddle Collection32719
Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society24829
Leeds Russian Archive17322
University Archive11031
Cookery Collection9788
Brotherton Collection Manuscript Verse7170

Count of Earliest date

Earliest dateCount
From 14002908
From 15005009
From 160026024
From 170050257
From 180098206
From 1900215946
From 20006251

Count of Latest date

Latest dateCount
Up to 14992540
Up to 15994836
Up to 169924681
Up to 179946778
Up to 189991242
Up to 1999222074
Up to latest12961
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