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Understand what referencing is and how you should use it in your academic work. Find out what your School's referencing style is. Learn how to cite and reference your work according to the recommended styles Leeds Harvard, Leeds Numeric, MHRA and others. See what software and tools are available to help you with referencing your work.

Leeds referencing styles

Leeds Harvard style introduction

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Leeds Harvard examples

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Leeds Numeric style introduction

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Leeds Numeric examples

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Other referencing styles

The MHRA style is produced by the Modern Humanities Research Association.

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Get help with other styles used in the University: APA, IEEE, OSCOLA and Vancouver.

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Referencing guides

Each school in the University requires students to use a specific style of referencing. Check the referencing style used in your school before you begin your assignments.

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An introduction to referencing, explaining why and when you should reference, how to cite within your text, the difference between reference lists and bibliographies, and quotations.

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This tutorial gives interactive examples of how to identify your source and create a reference.

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