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Mastering the Museum

Three exhibitions and one activity curated by the 2018 Art Gallery and Museum Studies Master of Arts students.

Discover the work of Emily Susan Ford, explore the history of Public Art on campus, delve into the genre of Still Life and gain a deeper understanding of the legacies of the First World War through these MA student projects:

Rights, Justice, Faith: The Work of Emily Susan Ford

Leeds to London; Socialist to Anglican. The story of Emily Ford’s life is one of shifting beliefs, colliding ideologies and unexpected connections. How and why did Ford’s journey unfold in the way that it did? Follow our exhibition from The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery to the Great Hall to discover Ford’s story and art works.

An artist from Leeds, Ford’s work was influenced heavily by the Pre-Raphaelite painting style. While her religious and ideological beliefs evolved throughout her life, one thing that remained steadfast was her dedication to women’s rights activism. Swaying from her socialist doctrine to the budding Victorian Spiritualist movement, Ford took her commitment for social reform to new and unexpected places.

Still Life: Moments in Time

What is time and how much of it do we have? Have you ever wanted to hold onto a moment? This exhibition concentrates on still life. Through still life, artists are able to capture moments in time and tell a story. It is a genre of artwork that portrays the elegance of inanimate objects in our daily lives. Still life artists depict brief fragments of actions that make up our lives and who we are. These actions and moments are highlighted in the artwork on display, such as picking fresh apples from an orchard, using a spool of yarn to make a warm scarf or enjoying a cup of tea. As time passes by, how do you cherish the moments in your daily life?

Public Art on Campus: A Retrospective

Discover the stories and history behind Public Art on campus. See how the artworks mirror the development of University life at Leeds.

This display reflects on the relationship between the art on campus and its dynamic, ever-changing student culture. Looking at six artworks this exhibition uncovers the connections between art and the University of Leeds campus. Take an insightful look at these artworks and discover why they were commissioned or purchased and what they represent.

Take 5 at the Treasures of the Brotherton

Take five minutes out of student life to explore the hidden stories in "Goodbye to all that? Legacies of the First World War" at the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery.

From women workers to Belgian refugees, pick up a Take 5 card and delve deeper into the exhibition. Discover how different people dealt with the First World War and learn how the legacies of the conflict are still relevant one hundred years later.

Pick up a card. Discover a story. Share your legacy.

Visit our Twitter or use #MyLegacy5 to share your thoughts with us.

Two students in The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery
Two students in The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery
Two students in The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery