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Goodbye to all what? Curating the Legacies of the First World War

100 years after the Armistice, the co-curators of the exhibition Goodbye to all that? Legacies of the First World War reflect on the social, cultural and personal impact of the Great War.

The speakers will discuss how and why they chose to represent the varied legacies of this conflict. Stories from Leeds and around the world made them question whether, to borrow from the poet and soldier Robert Graves, it really was "goodbye to all that". The co-curators ask: "goodbye to all what?'"

The exhibition and talk explore themes such as women's role in post-war society, issues surrounding the reintegration of veterans, disability, disfigurement, unemployment, the treatment of refugees and the politics of disillusionment. Discover what changed and what didn’t after 1918 and how the legacies of war continue to shape our society today.

Goodbye to all that? Legacies of the First World War is co-curated by Professor Alison Fell, Professor of French Cultural History at the University of Leeds, and Eilis Boyle and Alexander Shaw, PhD students at the University of Leeds.