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Propose an exhibition

Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery guidance

Making a proposal

Points to consider in addition to the general guidance when making an exhibition proposal for the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery:

  • Does the exhibition utilise only Special Collections materials?
  • Has the exhibition been designed in a way that will attract our target audiences?
  • Is there a possibility to tour a pop-up version of this exhibition to other venues?
  • Does the exhibition have the potential to attract new audiences?
  • Has the interpretation for the exhibition been planned to cater for visitors with a range of learning styles and learning abilities?
  • Will the exhibition support local and regional tourism strategies?
  • Does the exhibition encourage lifelong learning?
  • Does the exhibition utilise our showcases? If not, how will objects be displayed?
  • Does the programme encourage partnership and involvement from other universities/museums/libraries/archives?
  • Does the programme complement the exhibition programmes of other cultural organisations in Leeds and the surrounding area? eg The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds City Museum, Leeds Art Gallery, The Henry Moore Institute, The Tetley. Are there any conflicts?

If the proposal is not successful:

  • Would it be possible to create a virtual exhibition using digital surrogates?
  • Is there the possibility of running a series of events in the Sheppard Room around the proposed theme with “show and tell” sessions?

Spaces available and exhibition changing times

Temporary exhibitions run from March to July and September to January inclusive. Changeover months are February and August, during which time the temporary exhibition space will be closed.

Please refer to the plan of the Treasures of the Brotherton temporary exhibition space to ensure that selected items are appropriate to the space available.