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Propose an exhibition

General guidance for proposing an exhibition

We welcome exhibition proposals from across the university, city and beyond, from artists, researchers, exhibition organisers and other museums and galleries. Current students, staff and alumni of the University of Leeds are particularly encouraged to submit exhibition proposals. The Galleries are curated spaces so all exhibitions are delivered in collaboration with the Galleries team.

To submit an exhibition proposal:

  1. Read the Leeds University Library Galleries exhibitions policy.
  2. Read the guidance below and the additional guidance on the next pages.
  3. Complete the temporary exhibition application form.

The galleries team can advise those wishing to submit an exhibition proposal on the likelihood of success. Only proposals that meet our criteria will be considered. We recommend that anyone who wishes to propose an exhibition contacts the gallery at the earliest possible opportunity:

All exhibition proposals should be submitted to the committee through our exhibition proposal form.

Leeds University Library Galleries receive a considerable number of applications for exhibitions, particularly from individuals wanting to show their work. We can pursue only a small proportion of applications received.

We usually finalise the programme a minimum of 18 months in advance, although some exhibitions will be agreed much further ahead to allow appropriate time for research, development and fundraising. We strongly recommend that proposals are received as early as possible, ideally around three years in advance of a possible display date.

The Galleries Advisory Committee meets twice a year in April and September to consider the exhibition programme and proposals.

The Galleries Advisory Committee considers the following:

  • Does the exhibition reflect the strategic aims of the University of Leeds?
  • Does the programme support the academic profile of the University and provide opportunities to display the research and work of staff and students?
  • Does the exhibition have broad public appeal? Is it sufficiently attractive and relevant to a wide and varied audience, or a more specific agreed audience?
  • How much will it cost to produce? Does the proposer have specific funding for the exhibition?
  • Are there any practical or resourcing implications/difficulties?
  • What associated events and activities are planned to promote and complement the exhibition?

Proposals are considered on the merits of the individual proposal and on how it works with our exhibition programme as a whole. We need to create a balanced programme for the specific gallery and across the Leeds University Library Galleries service. The type of exhibition proposed and the audience it may attract will guide decision making.

If your proposal is successful, a member of the galleries team will be in touch to let you know the committee’s decision.

If an exhibition proposal is rejected but a member of the committee considers that the idea has potential, then that committee member may work with the proposer to develop the idea for resubmission to a later meeting.