Leeds University Library


Selecting a database

You can view the key databases for your subject, search for a database in the Library Catalogue, or use the links below to access one of our major databases:

Different databases will cover a different range of journals, so for a thorough search you may have to use more than one database.

Search a database for journal articles

You can search for articles using keywords, authors and subjects.

The database will provide a list of results matching your search terms. Each result will include an abstract (summary) and full details of where the article has been published. If the Library has an electronic version of the journal containing the article, you may be given a link directly to it.

If neither of these options are available search for the journal in the Library Catalogue.

Key databases for your subject

The key databases page for a particular subject area will give you a good starting point for your search, telling you more about the databases and providing guides on how to search them.