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Literature searching service (Lucid)

Lucid is a charged-for literature searching service based in the Library. We are a team of information specialists who conduct literature searching, scoping searches, and reference management for funded University of Leeds researchers.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. This service is not available to taught or research postgraduate students.

For non-charged for literature searching queries please use alternative contact.

How we can help

We have expert knowledge and experience in devising and undertaking comprehensive literature searches for a range of research, including:

  • systematic reviews
  • rapid reviews
  • qualitative reviews
  • scoping studies

Our information specialists deliver timely and thorough searching. We use the gold standards in information retrieval where appropriate, as exemplified by:

Literature searches are developed in a systematic, transparent and reproducible way. We have worked on a large number of medicine and health research projects, as well as with a number of researchers from other disciplines.

Research shows that Information Specialist involvement correlates with higher quality search strategies.

Watch this video to find out how the library’s literature searching service can help with your research.

Free scoping searches (pre-award)

Free scoping searches are provided to researchers who propose to cost Lucid literature searches into their funding bids.

Scoping searches help gather the key evidence in your area of research. This helps you to cost your project, write your proposal, and define your research question/s.

Lucid can also assist pre-award research teams with search methodology planning. We advise on how to select the most appropriate databases and other resources for your project.

We can also provide search strategies documentation to enhance your funding proposal.

Literature searches for funded projects

Lucid information professionals work closely with your research team to develop and execute literature searches for funded project work.

Searches are peer reviewed by another information specialist using the CADTH Peer Review checklist (PDF).

Reference Management

We download, de-duplicate and store search results in an EndNote Library so that your team can easily access and screen references for your project at ease.

Our charges

Our charges are based on an hourly rate. Your requests will be discussed fully with you before any work is undertaken and quotes and timescales will be agreed.

Please talk to us before you submit a grant application so that literature searches can be fully costed in your bid.

Projects we have worked on

Our portfolio of projects includes literature searches on:

  • stroke
  • dementia
  • cancer
  • hearing loss
  • primary care
  • nursing
  • medication administration
  • dentistry
  • HIV
  • mental health
  • resilience
  • parenting styles
  • obesity
  • social work
  • nursing homes
  • participatory arts and international development
  • refugees, belonging and participatory arts
  • sedentary behaviour
  • physical activity
  • child rights
  • global development
  • poverty