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What can I borrow?

Browse and borrow

You can borrow items at any time using the self-issue machines. You will need your membership card; this might be your staff or student ID, or a library card we give you.

If you are a student or a member of staff you may have 50 items at once.

If you are a different type of member with borrowing entitlements you may have 10 items at once.

We guarantee that you can keep an item for at least 7 days. We'll keep on renewing your due date until someone else requests it or your library account expires.

If your book is requested you will have 7 days to return it. We’ll send you a recalled items email. There are fines for returning items late.

Please return your items as soon as you finish using them, regardless of whether they are recalled.

If you experience any problems, speak to staff at the desk.

Fixed-loan items

One day loan journals and items in the High Demand Collection have a fixed loan period for everyone.

These items are not automatically renewed and must be returned.

Shielding or isolating

If you are uncomfortable with visiting and spending time in the Library, we can retrieve books for you.

Search for your items using Library Search, and contact us by email with the items you wish to borrow. We will retrieve the items for you and send an email to your registered address when your items are ready to collect. You must issue these using the self-issue machines.

The collection point is the Edward Boyle Library and you can collect whenever the library is open.

If you are isolating, let us know in your email and we will post your items.

If you request a book but someone checks it out before we pick it for you, we will reserve the book on your behalf and it will be recalled. This means the borrower will be asked to return it within seven days.