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In algebra letters and other symbols are used to represent numbers in equations. Algebra studies how equations involving a mix of numbers and symbols can be manipulated and rearranged.

Algebra gives you the tools to formulate and solve mathematical problems, and develop your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Watch our videos below to learn how to rearrange and solve linear and quadratic equations.

Click on the 3-bar menu icon in the top left of the video to navigate to different sections. The playlist overview is below.

Playlist order:

  1. Substitution into a formula
  2. Simplifying algebraic expressions
  3. Expanding brackets and collecting like terms 1
  4. Expanding brackets and collecting like terms 2
  5. Rearranging formulae
  6. Solving linear equations 1
  7. Solving linear equations 2
  8. Solving simultaneous equations
  9. Factorising: simple expressions
  10. Factorising: quadratics 1
  11. Factorising: quadratics 2 (difference of 2 squares)
  12. Factorising: quadratics 3
  13. Completing the square 1
  14. Completing the square 2
  15. Solving quadratic equations 1 - factorising
  16. Solving quadratic equations 2 - formula
  17. Solving quadratic equations 3 - completing the square