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The Leeds Russian Archive catalogue contains records for the majority of the 500 or so archival collections, but some records are incomplete (lacking, for instance, item numbers) and a few are in draft form.

Material has been catalogued at the item level, which in some cases results in long descriptions dense with numerals (indicating, for instance, the number of documents, their dates and their item numbers).

Hard copy published catalogues

Some major collections are not represented in the catalogue database, but paper catalogues are available:

Library Catalogue

Individual collection descriptions are also available through the Library Catalogue.

Collection of printed books

The Leeds Russian Archive collection of printed books has been listed in chronological order of acquisition and the majority are on the main Library Catalogue. Work is ongoing.

Access to the Bunin, Bunina, Zurov and Lopatina collections

The University of Leeds is responsible for the administration of the Bunin, Bunina, Zurov and Lopatina collections as bodies of documents, and for their associated copyrights and intellectual property rights. This extends to material written by Bunin, Bunina, Zurov and Lopatina held by individuals and repositories elsewhere.

Please make requests for access to the collections in writing, well in advance of any proposed visit. Contact Special Collections to make a request.