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Visitor basket guidance

The Visitor Basket allows you to save items in our catalogue that you wish to consult and then book either a visit in person or a virtual consultation in order to consult them. You can order up to ten items per visit.

Follow these steps to choose items and book your visit:

  1. Search the catalogue for the item you wish to consult. Below the details of the item you will see a button labelled “Visitor basket”. Click on this to add it to your “Visitor items”
  2. The Visitor items link shows the number of items you have chosen
  3. One you have chosen all you items (max.10), click on the VISITOR ITEMS tab above the item to view your list
  5. Fill in your details as directed. Tick the relevant box to choose an in-person visit or virtual consultation. Choose the date you would like to visit and add any further details you feel may be relevant. If you are hoping to view the same items over a period of time, please specify these dates on the form
  6. If any of the material you have requested is restricted, you will have to fill in another form in the RESTRICTED ACCESS tab
  7. Please read through the terms and conditions
  8. Tick the box to show you agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Send your request.

You will be assigned a reference number and receive a confirmation email, listing the items you have requested.

We will then contact you to confirm your visit.

If you would like to book a visit to view different material on a different date, simply repeat the process above.