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Elsevier negotiations update

Elsevier improve their proposal for a read-and-publish deal after UK HE rejects the previous offer.

Elsevier have made a 7th proposal for a read-and-publish deal to the national negotiation team. This is under review and there will now be a sector consultation on the fine print of the proposal.

Whilst negotiations are continuing, Elsevier have agreed to maintain our current read-access to journals beyond the current subscription’s expiry date of 31 December 2021.

This follows the overwhelming rejection of the 6th Elsevier proposal by the UK HE sector and the issuing of a joint statement from the Russell Group, GuildHE Research, Million Plus and University Alliance on 28th October 2021:

"Our universities are fully committed to the approach being taken by the UK’s Elsevier Negotiation Team and support the recommendation to reject the most recent proposal from Elsevier on the basis it does not yet meet the two core objectives of the negotiations: to reduce costs to levels which are sustainable, and facilitate rapid transition to full and immediate open access to UK research."

The 7th proposal is simpler, less costly, and provides unlimited publishing in all eligible journals including Cell Press and the Lancet. This proposal is a closer match to the four aims established at the start of the sector’s negotiations with Elsevier:

  1. support full and immediate open access to research
  2. reduce and constrain costs
  3. build confidence that the charges for the Elsevier agreement are fair and reasonable
  4. deliver full compliance with funder policies and improvements in service.

There are still some elements to be finalised. Costs and conditions for fully open access titles are still being negotiated and clarification is required on the VAT implications of the “publish” element of the deal.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Elsevier Town Halls for your questions and feedback. We shall provide more information once the consultation commences.

See the Elsevier (Science Direct) negotiations webpages for more background information on the negotations and read-and-publish deals.