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Making a new home for the creative arts

The project to reorganise the printed collections in the Brotherton Library continues in Summer 2022, making some books unavailable.

This summer, work in the Brotherton Library West Building level 2 will respace and reorganise the Art, Communication Studies, Music, Textiles and Theatre book sequences to create a new “Creative Arts” floor.

Most of these books will continue to be available to borrow, but Art and Communication Studies books will be temporarily unavailable for eight weeks, from Monday 6 June until Friday 29 July 2022.

If you know in advance that you will want to access books from these subject areas, please borrow them before 6 June. If you find you urgently need an Art or Communication Studies book during June and July, we will obtain the book for you through our Document Supply service at no charge.

Please speak to a member of staff at the Brotherton enquiries desk or contact us online if you have any difficulty finding books at this time, we’ll be happy to help.

This is the next major step in the project to reorganise and respace all the print collections in the Brotherton Library. Over the last three years, the Journals and Stack sequences in West Building level 2 and the English Literature book sequences on the Gallery (Main 4) of the Brotherton reading room have been reorganised. The work will:

  • make it easier to navigate to the right shelf and find the book you need
  • create thematic floors by discipline (also shelved in a more helpful alphabetical classmark order)
  • redistribute growth space so that there’s room for new print acquisitions.

The work this summer will move and re-space around 2.5 kilometres of stock (equivalent to 70,000 volumes) and over 2,000 shelves will be cleaned and re-pitched, ready for the new academic year.