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Laidlaw improvement works

The Laidlaw Library will close from 11–17 July with limited access from 18-22 July, with some disruption to Library use in between.

We are working with Estates to make improvements to the Laidlaw Library in July and August, in order to once again have a fully functioning staircase.

Library closure

The planned work has been scheduled in order to create as little disruption as possible, with a one-week closure of the Library and Caffe Nero from Monday 11 July and a further five-day closure from Monday 15 August while the major work takes place.

The Library will close completely between:

  • Monday 11 – Sunday 17 July
  • Monday 25 July

We will offer a retrieval service for items held in the Laidlaw Library while the building is closed or access is limited. Contact us or use webchat to let us know what you need and we will retrieve it for you.

Disruption period

The upper floors of the Laidlaw Library will not be available from Monday 18 to Saturday 30 July. From Monday 18 July ground floor areas such as the study rooms, study spaces near the Hillary Place entrance and Caffe Nero will be open. There may be some noise disturbance during this time.

The Library will reopen fully on Monday 1 August.