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Referencing made simple

Get to grips with referencing using the new tutorial from Skills@Library.

Citing your sources in essays and exams is an important part of your work. It demonstrates your academic integrity, helps to put your work into context and shows the depth of your research.

The Referencing made simple tutorial can help you to understand references and apply them with ease.

Learn how to reference the most common items you may want to cite – including journal articles, book chapters, reports, websites, blogs, social media and news articles.

The tutorial shows the key features of each of these sources, and then helps you identify the information you need from them to create a full reference.

You can test your knowledge using the tutorial’s interactive elements to make sure you fully understand the principles of referencing.

These principles are exactly the same across all styles, so although the examples in the tutorial are in the Leeds Harvard style, if you are using Leeds Numeric, MHRA, APA, OSCOLA or IEEE you will still be able to take the skills and apply them to your referencing style.

Further support, including how to find your school's specific style, is available in our referencing webpages.