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New Search@Library now available

Published Thursday 19 June 2014

Screen shot of Search@Library results page

Search@Library makes research easy. Try it and find what you've been missing!

The Library has launched a new Search@Library, which will transform the way researchers find print and online resources.

"I was looking for some of the same papers using the old system last week and the new system converted a 10-15 min job into a 3-5 minute job" (academic staff)

Search@Library makes research easy by bringing the Library's full text content together in one search. It opens up the literature by providing one place to find print and online books, individual journal articles and reference information from research databases. The simple technique of 'search - refine - find' means finding relevant information and retrieving the full text of articles is much easier.

"It is very easy to use. It is easy to filter results. And there is a lot of additional information should the user wish for it (like abstracts of books in the library)" (academic staff) 

Bo Middleton, Head of Digital Library Services at the Library, said:

"We're very excited about the new Search@Library. We're aware that the classic library catalogue wasn't doing the job well enough for our customers and have been trying to find a way to improve the situation for some time. We believe the new Search@Library will help staff perform more effective research at the University by making it easier to find online resources we subscribe to, with the option of looking for related references further afield. We really hope it will improve the student experience by making peer-reviewed sources easier to find - so increasing the quality of references used in assignments and research projects."

"I love the way that you've improved the filtering of results. The sidebar with each individual filter possibility makes it much easier and quicker to find specifically what you're looking for" (undergraduate) 

Search@Library searches through items held in the library, including print books, journals, DVDs, as well as full text articles from 87,000 of the library's online journals (97% of our online subscriptions). It also contains papers from White Rose Research Online, the University's open access repository, and theses from White Rose eTheses Online. Additions planned for the future include Special Collections archival material and art gallery holdings.

"Great that it includes journal article searches and links to full text online where available" (academic staff) 

For ease of access, the search results display only full-text items, but there is an option to "Add results beyond the Library's holdings" to search more widely. There is also an advanced search available. The classic library catalogue will remain, but Search@Library will become the default search facility on the Library's webpages and in the Portal.

"Very easy to use, just one search box, intelligent search returning accurate results" (postgraduate) 

Search@Library is available from the Library homepage.

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