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Share your pandemic reading experience

Can you help us to understand how the pandemic has affected how you read for your academic work?

In light of the huge shift to e-books during the pandemic, how are you coping now? Have you developed new strategies for reading online? Do you prefer reading in printed format or are you completely adapted to the online environment? These are all questions a new research study hopes to answer and more.

A small team of researchers based in the US and UK are looking to enlist your help in filling in a new survey aimed at university students, to understand academic reading during the pandemic. The team includes researchers from UCLA, Carnegie Mellon University and University of London.

Share your experiences alongside students from across the world for the chance to have your voice heard and to influence decision making at Leeds, and beyond. Tell us how you are finding your reading online, if you have developed any strategies for online reading and what your reading preferences are.

The survey builds on an earlier multinational survey on students’ academic reading which took place around 5 years ago. It was called ARFIS (Academic Reading Formats International Study) and the findings showed that students preferred print readings over electronic, or want access to both, but they can struggle reading and annotating academic texts in electronic format.

The UK study was published in LSE Research Online and there were over 650 responses from students around the UK, mainly from LSE, University of Kent, University of York and Newcastle University. Will you help us to include your University of Leeds experiences this time round?

We will receive anonymised institutional data following the survey and use these to inform how we provide ebooks in future.

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