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You’ll need your ID card to access the Library

We’re turning on turnstile entry from 19 July, this means you will need your ID card to enter. We will also no longer be quarantining returns.

Following the forthcoming changes in government guidance, we’re considering how best to move forward to keep our users and our staff safe and healthy. We’ve taken the first steps in this journey, with turnstile access reinstated from Monday 19 July.

At the start of the pandemic it was believed that the major way Covid spread was by surface transition. To minimise touching surfaces we disabled the turnstiles and quarantined books for 3 days after they were returned. As primary transmission has since been confirmed to be airborne, these measures are no longer required.

This means you will need your University ID card to enter the Library. If you have forgotten your ID card, we have machines in the entrance of all libraries which can provide single use IDs.

You can request permanent replacement University ID cards through the student card order form if you are a student and via the Print and Mail Service (formerly PCB) for members of staff.

We’re also removing the quarantine period for returned books. This means if you return something to the Library, it will come off your Library record much quicker.

We are considering the health and safety implications of loosening some of the other covid restrictions currently in place. Until then, please continue to observe the Covid-safety measures. We'll keep you updated through Library news and Twitter.