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New reading list system launches

Support sessions and demos are available for tutors to update their reading lists using the new system.

The new Leeds Reading List system is available in Minerva Ultra from Thursday 9 June, with all previous reading lists transferred over to the new system. Tutors are now able to update their lists using the new system from the Minerva module area.

Quick fire tutor support sessions are on offer to demonstrate how the new system works and to answer any questions. Make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible by selecting the date you would like to attend below:

Video and quick guidance on how to create and edit a reading list is available on the Make items available for students webpages.

We are committed to improving our services in partnership with our users. Research interviews are being conducted in June and July with teaching staff from a cross-section of schools, so that we can tailor our reading list processes to better meet tutor preferences.

The Reading Lists Team in the Library are working to correct any minor formatting errors caused by the migration process. Please contact us if there are any major formatting problems at