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24-hour library here to stay

The Laidlaw Library will remain permanently open during term times in response to student feedback.

The libraries have previously opened for longer to support revision and assessments, but now the Laidlaw Library will remain open for 24 hours, all week, every term.

Library staff will be there to help from 8am until 5pm, after that the library will be self-service.

Lorna Bastow, Head of Customer Services, says: “We’ve heard requests from students for longer opening hours, and specifically to have a 24-hour library space. We’ve worked hard to make this happen and I’m delighted that we can now extend our 24-hour opening for the whole of the term.”

...the important thing to remember is to make sure you have your student ID card with you

Lorna continues: “If you are a night owl the important thing to remember is to make sure you have your student ID card with you, or you won’t be able to get into the library. You’ll also need it to remain in the library between midnight and 8am, as security will do checks to make sure that there’s no-one in the library who shouldn’t be, in order to keep everyone safe.”

ID cards are also needed to borrow items with the self-service machines and to access the MyPrint printers.

Library opening hours for vacations are still being reviewed, but the ambition is to open for longer during the vacation period as well as 24 hours during term time.

This initiative supports the Libraries strategic programme of Enriched Experiences, to extend access to our buildings in ways that support the needs of our diverse audiences.

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