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Fantastic 4: How to boss the new term

From freshers to postgrads, get an incredible start with your Library resources.

The new academic year is here, and whether you are new to Leeds, new to the country or returning after a well-earned break, these online resources provide a solid-gold path to success this term.

Flying Start

An indispensable resource for any first year student. Studying at university is a change of gears but Flying Start takes you into the fast lane. It covers what to expect in your first term, independent learning, how to tackle that scary first assessment and how to access the wealth of academic support available from your libraries.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Flying Start express workshops during welcome week and the first week of term. They’ll be held in the Laidlaw Library get you up to speed on lectures, referencing and making the most of the libraries – that’s half an hour well spent!

Get your Flying Start.

Quick Start

Not just vital for freshers but extremely handy for international students, people joining from other institutions and all of you who were wondering which of the four libraries is for you. Quick Start is your key to unlocking the libraries, it is packed with info on accessing your reading lists, finding e-resources and even how to borrow books - spoiler, your Uni ID card is extremely useful.

Check out Quick Start.

Second Year Success

You smashed first year, well done! But with pass/fail behind you, and it’s time to get serious. Second Year Success gives you the tools you need to take on this new challenge and build an ironclad foundation for your future.

Find out what it takes to achieve Second Year Success.

Step Up to Masters

If you are exploring a new subject, digging deeper into your undergrad field, or studying at Leeds for the first time, it is easy to get lost. Step Up to Masters is the perfect guide to help you navigate your academic career to new and exciting places.

Laidlaw Library will be home to our express workshops that run over welcome week and into the start of term. Make sure you swing by for our workshops and become a 30-minute master on reading, critical thinking and building your confidence.

Get to the next level with Step Up to Masters.

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