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5 reasons to visit the Writing Space

The Writing Space is back and better than ever. Drop by weekday afternoons to level up your writing skills with peer support.

Our brilliant student-led Writing Space has returned with a new name and a new timetable but the same outstanding peer-to-peer support you’ll need to launch your writing into the stratosphere! 
Here are just five of the many reasons you should drop-by. 

Get referencing ready

The number one question we were asked during Welcome Week was how to reference. Covering everything from footnotes to bibliographies to quoting multiple sources and referencing troubleshooting, our writing mentors can work you through all the tips, trick, and tools to make you a referencing master.

The AI issue

AI is a big issue at university. Of course, we mean Academic Integrity, not SkyNet, but both can be pretty scary. Our mentors can help you develop good practice and deep knowledge to ensure your work represents you and doesn’t accidentally fall into the trap of...PLAGARISM! With our mentors, your academic integrity will be stronger than ever. 

Planning makes perfect

No one is going to blame you for leaving that essay to the last minute and pulling an all-nighter. We’ve all done it. But if you’d prefer not to write 3,000 words in the middle of a 12-hour panic attack, ask our mentors about planning. From structuring your workload to structuring your arguments, they’ll back your master plan. 

Good reading means good writing

 Neil Gaiman once said, “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one”. We like that. And with millions of books and countless online resources, we know it can be overwhelming to get the right references and resources. Our mentors can help you develop your laser-focus in finding the right text at the right time.

Become a Time Lord

Eventually, you are going to have to write under timed conditions, whether that be in an exam hall or in an online assessment. As the seconds slip away, it’s all too easy to panic. With the time-management skills our mentors can show you, time itself will bend to your will. Or at least, you’ll know how to plan, write and review your work under pressure.

The Writing Space runs every weekday between 1- 4pm on the ground floor of the Laidlaw Library (look for the big yellow banners). You can also visit our website for more information about the Writing Space and how to book one-to-one sessions for academic support.

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