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End of term deadlines

As the semester comes to a finish, make every second count with library support.

You’ve made it this far, well done! There is less than a month until the end of semester. If you’re juggling deadlines or making revision plans for next year, let us lighten your load with these resources.

Time management

Learning how to manage your time is an essential skill for succeeding at university. Whether that is learning how to prioritise tasks, structuring essays or taking on exams, knowing how to spend your time effectively will take you far, beat stress and ensure you still have time to have fun.

Not only do we have some great guidance on time management, we also have some effective tips directly from our Skills@Library team.

You may have already had an Online Time Limited Assessment (OTLA) in your academic life, but if not, this article has some handy tips for these time-sensitive tests.

Early revision

Some of you might be thinking about exams already. Don’t worry if you’re not. There is plenty of time. But it might be worth thinking about when and how you might revise early so you aren’t panicking in the new year. Here is some general guidance for approaching revision.

There is also time to book onto the last of this semester's workshops, including this useful online class on revision strategies.

Request and Return

Lots of people head home and put work out of mind at the end of term. We don’t blame you, but please don’t forget about any books you may have taken from the library. Loans automatically renew and there are no fees, but by returning a book you no longer need you may help another student trying to catch up.

And if you’re the type of student who likes to get some reading in over the break, get your requests in early. This gives other students time to return the books without panicking and makes sure you’ll have exactly what you need to revise.

In case you missed it

There is so much support and guidance available at the library, you may have missed something that can help you. Take a look at these recent articles to see how we can help you.

If you missed a workshop you were interested in this semester, don’t worry. We’ll have plenty of new workshops next term. Sign up to our mailing list to ensure you don’t miss out. You can also follow us on Instagram for regular tips and updates.