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Five revision hacks for 2024

Welcome back. It’s a new year and assessments are here.

You’re rested, you’re ready and we’re in your corner with five great ways you can ramp up your revision.

1. Build a revision plan with our online revision resource

On a table is a to do list with two pens and a yellow highlighter nearby.

A revision plan helps you to stay organised and focused. You’ll be able to prioritise subjects, build a study timetable and discover which revision strategies work for you.

Visit our Revision and exams page for guidance on what to do and how to get started.

2. Get smarter together with group study

Three students are studying in a group study area at the Laidlaw Library.

Working with friends helps you identify gaps in your learning, retain more information and get through the grind with moral support.

You’ll need at least three people to book a group room or booth, and don’t forget to check in when you arrive to make sure you don’t lose your space.

Go to our Study space page to find out more and where to book.

3. Adapt to Online Time Limited Assessments

Behind a plant is a student at a desk. They're wearing headphones and looking at their laptop.

Online Time Limited Assessments provide new and different challenges (and opportunities) from regular assessments. You have more time and more access to materials but you must engage with them more critically.

With a little help from your Libraries, you can find the right resources, sharpen your critical writing and even set-up your space to be as comfortable as possible when taking your tests.

Head to our Online assessments page to learn more.

4. Use our new feature on Spacefinder

A student is studying at a table with a laptop. The seating and wall behind them is a deep purple.

Searching high and low for a study space? You need Spacefinder.

It lists all 64 campus study locations and you can search by criteria to find your ideal spot. Want to work casually, in a group, in a historic environment with nearby coffee? Spacefinder can find the perfect space for you.

Spacefinder also has a brand new feature telling you how much seating is still available in the Laidlaw and Edward Boyle libraries, so you’ll always know if you can find a spot.

Test the new Spacefinder feature out for yourself!

5. Make the most of our Craft and Chat sessions

Multiple colourful crafted books stood upright on a table.

Fun breaks can be motivating rewards that prevent revision burnout. What better way to take a break from your screen, then with some arts and crafts?

Visit Laidlaw’s Pause area from 16 – 18 January and relax with our crafting activities.

If you have any ideas on how our creative, wellbeing space can be improved, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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