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Introducing Plan S

New guidance from our Research Support Team on Plan S for academic publishing.

Plan S is an open access initiative that seeks to shake up the current academic publishing model so that publicly-funded research is immediately and fully available in open access journals or platforms. Plan S is supported by cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders, and is to be implemented by January 2020.

The details of the initiative are still developing, so information on the effect of Plan S on where and how research is published is currently limited. We have created a web resource on the Library website that outlines the current knowledge about the plan and this will be updated as new information becomes available.

Visit the Plan S resource.

Our Plan S resource currently contains information about the background of Plan S, the projected implications of this and the actions required by those currently working on research grants from participating funders.

cOAlition S consists of 13 national research funding organisations and four charitable foundations from 13 countries who have agreed to implement the 10 principles of Plan S in a coordinated way, together with the European Commission and the ERC. UKRI is one of the national funders who support the initiative.

Contact our Research Support Team for more information.

Image by Science Europe and CC BY