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You said, we did: hot water dispenser trial

You asked for hot water to be available within the Library and we’re trialling it in the Edward Boyle Library now.

Access to hot water has been a key part of feedback in several surveys and, since we now allow hot drinks into the Library, we’re running a trial. This mean you can make a cup of tea or coffee while you study – provided you keep them in a lidded container.

The hot water dispenser is available on level nine at the Edward Boyle Library and provides chilled, warm and boiling water.

We want to hear from you about the hot water dispenser so contact us with your thoughts. Let us know if it is suitable and easy to use. Tell us if people aren’t using it in the way intended. Based on your feedback, we may consider changing the type of dispenser or rolling further hot water dispensers out across other libraries on campus.

There are no changes to the policy regarding food in the Library.