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Reuse and publishing

Please send us a reuse request form before you publish or reuse material from Special Collections. You need to tell us specifically what material you are using and if you are using the material for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

It is your responsibility to get permission from the copyright holder, before any form of publication or reuse, of copies provided by the Library. This also applies to personal photography taken while visiting Special Collections. The majority of collection material held by Special Collections remains in copyright.

Before we give you permission to use our images, we may ask you to show us written evidence that you already have the copyright owner's permission.

Publishing/reuse fees

If you wish to publish or reuse material from Special Collections for commercial purposes you must pay a fee. This is in addition to the reproduction charge if we produced the copy for you.

The publishing and re-use fee for commercial use is £100 per image.

Please see the guidance on what is commercial or non-commercial use.