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Early Education printed books

The early education printed book collection contains books and periodicals dating from between the years 1625 and 1988. The bulk of the collection (around three-quarters) was published in the 19th and late 18th-century. The collection consists mainly of school textbooks and works on teaching methods and the philosophy of education. Latin and English language grammars feature strongly. There are also many examples of readers (collections of prose and poetry); textbooks on mathematics, scripture, history, geography, natural history, science and other subjects; and works on the conduct of life, especially for young women (or ladies). Many of the later 19th-century and 20th-century books are examples of children's fiction.

Education printed books

The education printed books collection spans the years 1650 to 1993, although the majority of the collection dates from the 19th and 20th centuries. Many of the works are concerned with educational philosophy and methods. The collection also contains the writings and biographies of prominent educationalists, histories of schools and other educational bodies, and a large number of annual reports and prospectuses published by a wide variety of educational organisations. Most of the 20th-century works in the collection are examples of children's literature.

Educational Texts

The WB Thompson collection consists of over 4,000 books comprising the National Collection of Greek and Latin School Textbooks. Thompson was a member of the University department of Education, and he developed the collection, concentrating on texts used in the teaching of classics since about 1800. Although most of the works are themselves in either Latin or Ancient Greek, the collections also contains some translations and critical works in English.