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Politics and Social History

Politics Subject Strength

Political printed books

The majority of the books on politics held at Special Collections date from the late 19th to the early 20th century. The older works focus on issues such as forms of government. The modern works deal with, amongst other themes, the United Nations, the British Civil Service, and the European Community. This collection also contains a small selection of Labour Party Bulletins, dating from the middle of the 20th century.

International affairs

Esther Simpson was born in Leeds and studied at the University of Leeds, donating her archive to us in 1990-91. Her papers reflect her career working in Europe and with the Academic Assistance Council, which was devoted to resettling refugee scholars who had fled totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany. The collection includes personal letters, testimonials, photographs, press cuttings and numerous letters from refugees she had helped.

Womens' Liberation Movement

The Feminist Archive North includes personal and organisational documentary archives, conference papers, dissertations, books, and complete runs of important women's liberation movement journals such as Spare Rib, Shrew, Women's Report, Scarlet Woman, Shifra and Women's Voice. There are also leaflets, video and audiotapes, posters and other ephemera - a wealth of contemporary material, much of which is unique to this collection.

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