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List of Manuscripts indexed in the Brotherton Collection of Manuscript Verse Database

Details and descriptions of Brotherton Collection Lt manuscripts indexed in the BCMSV

MS No. Description
Lt 1 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, I-II: manuscript book, c.1680.
Lt 2 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, I-II: manuscript book, c.1680, containing also other poems added later.
Lt 3 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, II: manuscript book, c.1680.
Lt 4 Beams of divine love arising upon Zion, anonymous religious poem; manuscript book, early 18th-century.
Lt 5 Thomas Fitzgerald, Poems on several occasions (published 1733); Odes, Epigrams and Miscellanies (unpublished). Fair copies on loose sheets, in a single hand of c.1750.
Lt 6 Henry Hall: a selection of Hall's poems bound at the end of a volume containing thirteen printed items (1709-13); c.1720?
Lt 7 Poetical commonplace book, c.1736-47, Jacobite, apparently in two hands.
Lt 8 Commonplace book, c.1748, almost entirely in one hand, compiled by William Stone.
Lt 9 Poetical miscellany, 1730s, apparently in three hands.
Lt 10 Sir Oliver Style: a compilation of his poems, probably autograph, copied 1698-1703, with some added items in a second hand.
Lt 11 Mainly poetical miscellany or commonplace book, written c.1710-c.1820 by six main hands. Owned by John Smyth of Heath.
Lt 12 Mainly poetical miscellany or commonplace book, in two hands, one c.1728-50, the other seemingly that of George Scott, c.1766-79.
Lt 13 Commonplace book, Latin and English prose and poetry in several hands, c.1719-42 or earlier, the main verse hand probably 1730s.
Lt 14 Edward Young, "To his Grace the Duke of Chandos", c.1728, autograph, single paper leaf accompanied by a manuscript letter from the Rev. Thomas Monkhouse sending the verses in 1786 to the third Duke.
Lt 15 Commonplace book, almost entirely of English verse and prose ("ended ...1723", p.211), with additions of the 1720s and 1730s.
Lt 16 Alexander Pope, verse translation of Book III, metre 9 of Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae, single page, autograph, c.1703-04, together with Sir William Trumbull, verse adaptation of lines from Dryden's translation of Virgil, "Aeneid", VI, and his own verse translation of the same passage from Boethius, autograph, written on the inner pages of a letter to Trumbull from Charles Bertie, Feb.1703.
Lt 17 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, I: manuscript book, c.1680, chiefly devoted to this text.
Lt 18 Ro. James, three poems, probably autograph, 1684, written on blank leaves at the end of George Berkeley's Historical applications and occasional meditations (London 1666).
Lt 19 A satyr on the political state of Great Britain, two leaves, said in a later note to be flyleaves extracted from a copy of The Political State of Great Britain for 1716.
Lt 20 Poetical miscellany in a single hand, "transcrib'd and collected, 1724" by E. Beardwell.
Lt 22 Commonplace book of verse and prose, many leaves either torn out or blank. One hand, 1680s?
Lt 23 Swattle, a hudibrastic satire, with a few shorter items; autograph manuscript book, 1723.
Lt 24 Poetical commonplace book, c.1730-41, compiled by Benjamin Coles.
Lt 25 Commonplace book of English and Latin verse and prose, c.1610-20.
Lt 26 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, I: unbound booklet, c.1680.
Lt 27 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, I: manuscript book, c.1680.
Lt 28 To the Memory of Qeene [sic] Elizabeth, a sequence of three anonymous satires complaining of the condition of England under James I; stitched unbound booklet in a single hand, c.1624.
Lt 29 Sir William Temple, Upon the approach of the shore at Harwich. Two leaves, a fair copy in a later 17th century hand.
Lt 30 Five poems written in a single hand c.1690 on to blank leaves at the end of a printed book, The Speeches of the Lord Digby, 1641.
Lt 31 Commonplace book of English verse, prose (mainly sermons), and miscellaneous information, in a single hand c.1670-90. Compiled by John Beetham.
Lt 32 John Cleveland (?), On Christ Church Windows, Oxon; booklet, mid 17th-century, containing only this poem.
Lt 33 Anthology of Latin and English verse and prose exercises composed by pupils of Salisbury Cathedral School, in a single hand, early 18th-century.
Lt 34 Commonplace book (notebook) consisting entirely of English verse, especially songs, mainly in a single hand, c.1680s. Includes several items written on inserted single leaves.
Lt 35 Commonplace book of English and Latin verse and prose, in a single hand, c.1713-40.
Lt 36 Collection of English poems, earlier 18th-century, with two additional poems in a later hand.
Lt 37 Symon Jory, The Perfect Mans Practice; manuscript book, probably autograph, 1630.
Lt 38 Collection of English and Latin verse and prose, 1670, apparently made at Oxford, in a single hand, indexed.
Lt 39 A Paraphrasticall Epigram, satire on religious controversialists, written at the end of the anti-presbyterian prose The Supervisour; unbound booklet in a single hand, 1640s.
Lt 40 Sir Philip Wodehouse and Edmund Wodehouse. Collection of mostly autograph poetry, c.1664-1715, predominantly translations from facing-page Latin and including a large number of epigrams.
Lt 42 To Miss Warburton Campbell. Single folded leaf bearing only this item, c.1745.
Lt 43 Henry Fairfax: autograph notebook including verse, most of it apparently autograph, 1679-82.
Lt 44 Remains of a formerly bound collection of miscellaneous prose and verse, now reduced to a number of loose sheets and gatherings, in different hands, mainly 1730s.
Lt 45 Poetical commonplace book in a single hand, c.1743-67, mainly religious.
Lt 46 Collection of English poems in several hands, 1710s and 1720s, predominantly Jacobite.
Lt 47 A Discription of London by a Lady. Single folded leaf bearing only this item, mid 18th-century.
Lt 48 Commonplace book of English prose and verse, c.1700.
Lt 49 Collection of three verse translations from the classics in a single 18th-century hand.
Lt 50 William Tipping: collection of English religious poetry (Puritan), possibly by William Tipping, in a single hand, c.1700; with numerous pasted-in woodcuts.
Lt 51 The Troubles of Joseph. Manuscript book containing only this item, 1680, probably autograph.
Lt 52 Collection of English verse entitled "Poems on Several Occasions", in a single hand, c.1700-10.
Lt 53 Miscellany of verse and prose for presentation, 1741, compiled by Benjamin Coles and partly his own compositions.
Lt 54 Poetical miscellany in four hands, c.1680-95. Owned by Captain Robinson.
Lt 55 Miscellany mainly of satirical English poems and prose pieces, almost entirely in a single hand, 1670s.
Lt 56 Castilian Morris: autograph manuscript book of prose and verse religious meditations and effusions, 1692-97.
Lt 57 Commonplace book, c.1655, apparently in a single hand, consisting mainly of English and Latin prose notes, anecdotes, sermon extracts, etc.
Lt 58 The Quakers Tea Table Overturned, satirical poem, 1717. Manuscript book containing only this item.
Lt 59 Joseph Mitchell, The Transport: an Ode, unbound booklet, c.1718.
Lt 60 Mistres mistres, love poem, scrap of folded paper, early 17th-century.
Lt 61 Poetical miscellany in a single hand, c.1715, an unbound notebook with pictorial cover.
Lt 63 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, II: manuscript book, c.1680.
Lt 64 Theodosius Forrest: collection of his poems, probably autograph, 1770s?
Lt 65 William Thomson: collection of religious prose and verse in a single hand, c.1650s, possibly all composed by Thomson and probably autograph.
Lt 66 Commendatory poems by 'J.Drydon' and Nahum Tate at the front of a manuscript Latin grammar by Lewis Maidwell, 1680s.
Lt 67 Collection of transcribed and autograph poems, almost wholly in the same mid 18th-century hand, gathered together unbound with other papers.
Lt 68 Patrick Cary, Ballades dedicated to The Lady Victoria Uvedale, autograph, 1652-53.
Lt 69 On the fair budd of honor and vertew John Lindsay of Arnbathie. Single leaf, possibly autograph, decorated with hand-coloured pictures, possibly intended as a greetings card; c.1680.
Lt 70 A card to Mr G-k. Single small leaf, possibly autograph, 1776.
Lt 71 Commonplace book, 1690s, including transcribed English verse and a large multilingual collection of proverbs.
Lt 72 Poetical miscellany in several hands, c.1725-41, with loose pages in later hands inserted.
Lt 73 Three political poems, two English and one Latin, seemingly autograph, bound together, apparantly in separate hands of the first half of the 18th century.
Lt 74 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, II: manuscript book, c.1680.
Lt 75 Collection of poems and songs in several hands including many apparently by Frederick Forrest or his brother Theodosius Forrest; later 18th-century.
Lt 76 Seventeenth-century translations of verses from Ovid's Metamorphoses, written into a copy of Iohan. Posthii Germershemii Tetrasticha in Ovidii Metamor. Lib. XV, 1563.
Lt 77 Samuel Rowlands: Selection of devotional poems, in a single hand, early 17th-century.
Lt 78 John Fountain: collection of poems in a single hand, all attributed to John Fountain, transcribed c.1720. Owned by George Newell, 1721.
Lt 79 Collection of mainly prose works, with some appended English verse (including `Jacobite satires'), 1690s or c.1700, almost completely in one hand.
Lt 80 Hugh Wormington: Collection of original poems, translations and other material, bound in two volumes, including 'Poems and translations by Hugh Wormington. 1718'. In a single hand, probably autograph, c.1715-23.
Lt 81 Collection of topical poems, mostly political satires, in a single hand, c.1704.
Lt 82 Compilation mainly in a single hand, c.1690, containing principally historical prose but also "Miscellaneous poems, translations, etc.", with some further poems inserted by other hands.
Lt 83 James Dallaway: autograph collection of his poetry, c.1750s.
Lt 84 Commonplace book or notebook mainly of English religious poems and prayers, c.1715.
Lt 86 Collection of verse, mainly political, predominantly in a single hand, c.1660-90.
Lt 87 Poetical miscellany mainly of contemporary satires, in one hand, 1680s.
Lt 88 Thomas Tooly, love poems imitating many of Johannes Secundus's "Basia"; interleaved manuscript pages in a printed copy of Basia Joannis Secundi Nicolai Hagensis ... in Latin and English Verse, London, 1731, in a mid 18th-century hand.
Lt 89 Henry Brooke, Junior, Ode to be performed at the Rotunda January 1771 for the relief of the distressed tradesmen of the City of Dublin. Manuscript booklet containing this item alone, presumably contemporary.
Lt 91 Commonplace book of verse, drama and prose, mainly in a single hand, c.1650, but with later additions.
Lt 92 James Morrice, blank-verse translation of Homer's Iliad. Single manuscript poem bound in two volumes, in one hand, probably autograph. Early nineteenth century, with revisions or corrections in the same hand.
Lt 93 Collection of poetry and other items, predominantly in a single hand, c.1750-70, with additional material in a 19th-century hand.
Lt 94 Edmund Waller: ten manuscript poems by Waller written into a copy of the 1686 edition of his "Poems, etc.", in a single hand, c.1690.
Lt 95 William Cooke, Octavius or A Dialogue between a Christian and an Infidel, including some verse (partly by others) amongst its largely prose annotations, c.1750.
Lt 96 Commonplace book of poetry and prose in English and Latin, written onto pages in a collection of medical recipes, c.1710-50.
Lt 97 Joshua Barnes, Prose and verse essay in praise of wine, dedicated to Henry St John, later Lord Bolingbroke. With pen and ink illustrations. 1708.
Lt 98 Prayers and proverbs written in at either end of a copy of Elizabeth Joceline, The Mothers Legacy to Her Unborn Child (Oxford, 1684).
Lt 99 'Old songs & other poems': commonplace book, c.1770-90, containing transcribed verse and prose of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Lt 100 Late-18th-century commonplace book containing original and transcribed verse and prose, with references to theatrical performances by Mrs Siddons, Garrick and others, at York and elsewhere.
Lt 101 William Shevington, The Life and Actions of W.S. Written by Himself during his Confinement in the Tower at Liverpool, bound volume, 1796.
Lt 102 Commonplace book, in various hands, consisting chiefly of warrants, recipes and religious lyrics, compiled at different times in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Lt 103 Poetical commonplace book, in several hands, c.1740-1804, partly compiled by Eliza Marriott.
Lt 104 Collection of poems attributed to the Reverend Peter Pinnell, Prebendary of Rochester (died 1783), but not in fact all by him. Includes epigrams, satirical pieces, and didactic/religious verse.
Lt 105 Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax: Fair copy of Lord Fairfax's collected poems, predominantly religious, largely in a scribal hand but with corrections by Charles Fairfax, c.1670.
Lt 106 Commonplace book in several hands, c 1746 to late 18th century, including English verse and prose, passages and epitaphs in Latin and Greek, and printed poems and newspaper cuttings pasted in.
Lt 107 Commonplace book, principally in one hand (early 18th-century?), consisting mainly of acrostics, epitaphs, hymns, religious lyrics and biblical paraphrases, and apparently all by Robert Worlidge.
Lt 108 A gentle echo on woman, a single poem in a possibly early-18th-century hand, ascribed to 'D. Swift'.
Lt 109 Commonplace book in two hands, containing prose and poetry, most of it religious or satirical, written partly in the first half of the 18th century, partly in the mid-18th century.
Lt 110 'Poems & Verses on Several Occasions', poetical commonplace book, dated 1726.
Lt 111 Stephen Duck, On her majesty's birth day, single bifolium, c.1730, containing only this item.
Lt 112 Thomas Hearne (?), To His good Sir H Sloan who sav'd his Life and desired him to send over all the rareityes he could find in his Travels, single item, probably mid-eighteenth century.
Lt 114 Commonplace book compiled by the Deynes family and others, consisting of religious lyrics, paraphrases, and geographical calculations and descriptions, chiefly mid-seventeenth century (?).
Lt 115 Collection of poems (and a prose introduction) by William Hamilton of Bangour, the Jacobite poet, in a single hand, c.1750, including both original verse and imitations.
Lt 116 Bifolium in a single hand, early to mid-eighteenth century, containing two poems written in response to the tale of the Rabbit Woman of Godalming.
Lt 117 Commonplace book containing recipes, original and copied poems, newspaper cuttings, and a child's drawings, c. 1720-1830. [NB Lt 117 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 118 Poems on several occasions, by Thomas Fitzgerald, with inserted manuscript material relating to the poem "Bedlam", c.1733. [NB Lt 118 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 119 Anthology of English verse, compiled by Mary Capell, c. 1740-51.
Lt 120 Samuel Colvil, The Mock poem, II: manuscript book, c. 1680. [NB Lt 120 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 122 Manuscript verse by various hands, and a masque by Thomas Cooke, inserted into a copy of Poems on several occasions by Charles Cotton, mid-eighteenth century. [NB Lt 122 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 123 Miscellany volume of seventeenth and eighteenth-century English verse, written c. 1710-1760. [NB Lt 123 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 125 Verse miscellany supposedly compiled in the West Country in the 1770's, containing approximately. [NB LT 125 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 126 Miscellaneous collection of love poems and recipes, written ca. 1700.
[NB LT 126 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 127 Songs and letters copied by Captain Francis Burdet, ca. 1732-1735.
[NB LT 127 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 128 Jolly Roger: a song probably by Thomas D'Urfey, written ca. 1730.
[NB LT 128 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt 129 Miscellany of English verse with Quaker connections, written in 1773.
[NB LT 129 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]

Details and descriptions of Brotherton Collection Lt q manuscripts indexed in the BCMSV

MS No.Description
Lt q 1 An attempt to explain whence the virtues of the Bath waters proceed, Single sheet letter, addressed on verso "To Mr Will. Roberts coast waiter at the custome house Lond.", c.1680. Apparently from the same collection relating to Bath as MS Lt q 13.
Lt q 2 The sacred historie. Manuscript book in a single hand, c.1670, devoted entirely to this biblical poem and its associated pieces; probably autograph. Owned by Elizabeth Rooper.
Lt q 3 Single verse item in a notebook otherwise containing a woman's diary of notable events (1714-28), and household accounts (1728-36).
Lt q 4 Cupicimus or Cruelty and Couetiousnes religiously joyn'd togeather (a lampoon on William Dell). Single leaf bearing only this item, mid 17th-century.
Lt q 5 Henry Hall: a substantial collection of his poems, written c.1710-20.
Lt q 6 Single verse item, c.1715, in a bifolium otherwise containing two Jacobite manifestos in prose, the first as from James III.
Lt q 7 The loyall Protestants letany. Single item written on blank facing pages formed from bringing together two printed broadsheet satires, "The Loyal Subjects Littany" and "The Second Part of the Loyal Subject's Litany", both 1680.
Lt q 8 Ashenden, Thomas: verse postscript to the prose "Presbyterian Pater Noster, Creed and Ten Commandments". Single leaf c.1680, apparently a contemporary copy of the equivalent printed broadsheet.
Lt q 9 Commonplace book containing verse in English and Latin, culinary and medical recipes, sermons, meditations, and other prose material, largely in a single hand, some autograph, c.1640-50 [compiled by Jo. Tempest].
Lt q 10 James Thomson, Lisy's parting with her cat. Single leaf, autograph, c.1725 ?
Lt q 11 Collection of loose sheets almost entirely of English verse, in many different hands, from the early 17th to the early 18th-century.
Lt q 12 Collection of four unbound Restoration satires, late 17th / early 18th-century.
Lt q 13 Thomas Warton the elder (?), To the late Queen as she went to Bath. Single sheet c.1700-10, with added title recto and verso. Apparently from the same collection relating to Bath as MS Lt q 1.
Lt q 17 Satire on Justices of the Peace for Northamptonshire, c.1605-06. Three stitched leaves in narrow folio format containing only this item.
Lt q 18 Large collection of verse epigrams, copied in parallel with their Latin originals, arranged in four sections, in a single hand, with some emendations, c.1650.
Lt q 19 Sneyd Davies, Verses upon several occasions, English and Latin, written 1766 (by an amanuensis?), with an inserted autograph poem. Folio notebook within blue paper wrappers.
Lt q 20 Collection of English verse, begun by William Jermy of Norfolk, c.1732-41.
Lt q 21 Upon the lamented death of the worthy Robert Vansitart Esq, December 27th 1719. Single leaf containing only this poem, in a single hand with several revisions, early eighteenth century.
Lt q 22 William Fairfax, Autograph notebook, including verse, c.1620.
Lt q 23 Sir William Davenant, Supplementary cantos to Gondibert. Two items within an unbound booklet, in a single later 17th-century hand, with notes purporting to explain their origin, one of the sources said to be amongst Lord Mordaunt's papers.
Lt q 24 An incomium on the Earle of Lauderdale. Single sheet containing this poem alone, in a single 17th-century hand, presumably Scottish.
Lt q 25 Single sheet containing a religious poem to the glory of God, in a seventeenth-century hand.
Lt q 26 Mr Bunce, To Mr Higmore a painter, transcribed within a letter (a folded bifolium, endorsed) dated "Brookland, April 3 1728".
Lt q 27 A ballad on a certain lord's altering his chapel at Grove into a kitchen, a single sheet in a later eighteenth-century hand
Lt q 28 Of all the wonders since the world began. Single item within a folio booklet, c.1680, bound in contemporary wrappers.
Lt q 30 John Saltmarsh, "To the King". Bifolium in a single, probably contemporary hand, containing this single poem in praise of Charles I and the text of a speech made before Charles I by Thomas Widdrington, Recorder of York, on 30 March 1639.
Lt q 31 Bifolium, c.1746, containing a single poem praising Charles Stuart, the Young Pretender, on his birthday; adapted from Horace.
Lt q 32 Lady Hester Pulter, Poems breathed forth by the nobel Hadassas, a collection of poetry, c.1645-1665, comprising a single volume and several loose sheets, predominantly in a scribal hand with insertions and revisions in two other hands, one perhaps autograph. Also includes part of a novel, The Unfortunate Florinda.
Lt q 33 A Silly Sheapheard in Arcadia dwelt, pastoral poem. Single bifolium, in one hand, c. 1630.
Lt q 34 Sir Thomas Wroth, Elegiac lament on the death of his wife Margaret, praising her virtues, autograph, 1635; following a prose description of her death by the same author, both within a small unbound booklet.
Lt q 35 To a young lady who commanded a mathematician to write verses, a bifolium containing this single item, apparently autograph, early 18th century.
Lt q 36 Samuel Daniel, Four verse epistles. Stiched unbound booklet, folio, in a single hand, early 17th-century.
Lt q 37 Ralph Knevet: three devotional poems, written on the back of a printed map, mid 17th-century, possibly autograph.
Lt q 38 Large, formal collection of English verse, principally satires, c.1701.
Lt q 40 Commonplace book (a bound folio) probably in a single hand, 1694-1725, containing English poems, a library catalogue, and business accounts and correspondence of Richard Bowater.
Lt q 41 Satirical address to James II occasioned by the Declaration of Indulgence. Bifolium in a single late 17th-century hand, formerly folded as a letter.
Lt q 43 John Hanson (?), Autograph draft with revisions, of a poem beginning 'Subject is hee to scorne that doth subject'; on a single leaf with another draft poem and a draft letter, 1630s?
Lt q 44 Collection of verse, much of it political and addressed to the Cecil family, and including many epitaphs; predominantly in a single hand, c.1626, with later additions.
Lt q 46 Collection of verse among the papers of John Salvio, in the form of loose sheets, c.1700-40.
Lt q 48 Collection of poems and other papers of the Crofts and Sebright families, 1670-c.1820.
Lt q 49 A scrapbook of miscellaneous original and transcribed poems written out from c.1750 to the twentieth century, many relating to Irish themes and persons.
Lt q 50 Three political poems, Scottish, c. 1640. On a single sheet, in two mid-17th century hands, together with a second sheet endorsed "The names of the Scoth commisiond to attend the Parlament 1640".
Lt q 51 Miscellany of poems compiled by George Weller, several relating to Tonbridge School, c.1750.
Lt q 52 Collection of loose sheets containing predominantly English verse, c.1650-c.1710, much of it political, assembled by John Gibson.
Lt q 53 Martin Baynes, A Christian Kalendar. Bound volume, probably autograph, seemingly dating from the 1610s.
Lt q 54 'The Seven Wise Men, satirical poem on the Committee of Seven Lords. Bifolium containing only this item, in a single hand, early eighteenth century.
Lt q 55 Unbound folio booklet in a single early 18th-century hand, containing five satires on affairs of state, once part of a larger collection.
Lt q 56 James Hervey, Meditations among the Tombs, and Reflections on a Flower Garden, c.1740. Autograph manuscript, c. 1740, in a bound folio notebook, containing also other materials by Hervey (including some in shorthand), with corrections, revisions and deletions in the author's own hand.
Lt q 57 Queen Elizabeth's Verses on Monsieur's Departure out of England, and Verses by Robert, Earl of Essex., within a small bound collection of letters and papers, 1599-c.1616, probably all in the same hand.
Lt q 59 A Ballad made of a High and mighty Controversy Betwixt two Knights in Cheshire. Bifolium containing only this item, possibly early eighteenth century, in one hand.
Lt q 60 The history of the impeatchment or, The nations run mad: a new ballad, bifolium containing only this item, in one hand, early eighteenth century.
Lt q 61 Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit, single sheet poem with contemporary note attributing it to Alexander Pope, c.1710.
Lt q 63 Two anonymous satirical poems relating to Sandwich, on loose leaves in a single hand, c.1730.
Lt q 64 Bainbrigg Buckeridge, On her Majesty's Grant of Woodstock to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough 1704. In a Letter to Segnior (?) Antonio Verrio at Hampton Court. Autograph manuscript in a single hand, early eighteenth century, in the form of a bifolium letter with a leaf containing the poem pasted inside.
Lt q 65 Miscellany of original verse, c.1770, associated with the Tunstall or Tunstill family.
Lt q 66 Upon ye Sky-Lights: From ye Maypole in ye Strand to ye Maypole in Handbridge, anonymous verse satire on politicians of the day, single leaf, possibly autograph, c. 1720.
Lt q 69 Correspondence and papers of the Luttrell family, ca. 1676-1770, including much fragmentary eighteenth-century poetry in English, Latin, and French.
[NB Lt q 69 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt q 70 Five poems in a single hand, c. 1700, written on to the flyleaves of a printed book, Abraham Cowley's Works, 1684.
[NB Lt q 70 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt q 71 Elegies on the deaths of John and Lydia Burgh, written by John Burgh ca. 1740.
[NB Lt q 71 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]
Lt q 72 Autograph manuscript poem beginning "Why doth you shade", written by William Robins on 8 February 1723.
[NB Lt q 72 has not yet been indexed on the Leeds Verse Database (BCMSV)]