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Reading Objects in Special Collections

Reading Objects in Special Collections - Introduction
Brotherton Collection Safe TRA Westminster 1480 final leaves
Reading objects in Special Collections - the importance of structure and materials
Letter illustrated with various pen and ink sketches.
Reading Objects in Special Collections - handwriting
Books on shelf
Reading Objects in Special Collections - Context
Strong Room for. 4to 1488 AVI armorial bookplate of J Henryson Caird
Importance of provenance
Leeds Student 24th November 1980
Reading Objects in Special Collections - Content

This resource introduces some of the ways researchers can analyse and interpret objects in Special Collections.

Objects in Special Collections can be used to provide all sorts of information. Using these objects for research can require a different approach than simply reading a book in a wider library context.

Objects in Special Collections might have complex values, with different meanings for different people. By understanding why these objects take the form they do and how they have ended up in Special Collections, researchers can gain a fuller understanding of the object, and, by implication, their area of research.

Specialised research skills are sometimes required to understand objects in these ways.

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