Leeds University Library


There is no public photocopier in Special Collections. If you would like us to copy material for you, please ask. Depending on the source material, we can produce photocopies, digital photographs, prints, CDs or slides. We can also digitise audio material to MP3, WAV and audio CD.

Any copying must comply with copyright law - you will complete an order form which includes a copyright declaration stating the terms under which the copy is made.

Some materials are too fragile, tightly bound or large to be copied, but photography may be possible - please speak to staff.

Copying is not usually done during your visit. You can come and collect your order at a later date, or it can be posted to you.

You can also order copies without coming to Special Collections in person - we will send you an invoice along with payment instructions and copyright forms to fill in. We will send your copies when we receive payment and the signed forms. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cash payments in advance. Contact us for more information.

At our discretion, you can use your own mobile phone camera or digital camera (without flash) free of charge. As with all copying, this must conform to copyright law and you will need to fill in a copyright declaration form. We can advise you - please ask.

Available digital image / text formats:

  • 72 dpi JPEG (suitable for reading)
  • 300 dpi JPEG (suitable for printing)
  • 600 dpi JPEG (suitable for larger-scale printing)
  • Master TIFF (for archival purposes).

Copying charges

We can advise on the cost when you make a request. Invoiced copying carries a minimum charge of £3 plus VAT and postage. Contact us for an estimate.

Photocopying costs 10p per sheet for University of Leeds members, and 25p per sheet for non-members.

Digitisation and photography prices vary depending on the image format you want. See digitisation prices.